Lead Generation

Neo infotech is one of the recognized lead generation companies with a proven track record. We understand your business profile and craft a lead generation strategy accordingly to generate highly convertible leads.  These lead generation campaigns use powerful data science techniques to target desired customer segments.

Want to grow your business with a powerful lead generation strategy?


If you are looking for a lead generation partner to support your sales team, you are on right track. We can help you to increase your sales and profitability with our highly qualified leads.


Being an experienced b2b lead generation company, we believe in a thorough understanding of your profile, your objectives, your previous marketing experiences, and your target customers to craft a successful lead generation strategy.

Lead Generation
How do we generate quality leads?
  • Understand business requirements.
  • Craft an effective lead generation strategy.
  • Generate target database using powerful data science techniques.
  • Run B2B lead generation campaign to target prospects through various channels.
  • Generate and nurture leads.
  • Quality check and delivery to the client.
Why choose us as your lead generation partner?
  • We understand your business mission, vision, and core values to generate productive leads. It will help your inside sales team to concentrate on cracking new deals, rather than wasting time on unproductive sales leads. It results in a high conversion rate.
  • Our multi-channel approach helps us target prospects through various channels such as email, social media platforms, and even telephone calls. We make sure that prospect gains deep understanding about your company and your products or services so that you can easily convert them to customers.
  • We keep you updated though every step of the process using our customized reports to keep you track of leads generated.
  • Our quality team takes effective quality measures to improve the efficiency of each generated lead. Also, we make sure all the generated leads are GDPR compliant.  
  • Our high-tech lead generation process contributes to a better return on investment. You pay only for the leads received and hence a greater chance of squaring your ROI by reducing CPL.

Let’s do stunning work together so that your sales team achieve new milestones by closing new accounts. We will identify qualified leads for you which have the potential to generate more sales opportunities for you.

Finally, it’s up to you how to drive more business opportunities to the pipeline. We know exactly how to it.

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